First 6B Eagle Broadcast!

Hello and welcome to our very first 6B Eagle Broadcast! In my broadcast, I am interviewing Matthew about his favorite types of books! We both really enjoyed doing the interview and we had such a fun time! We recorded in a quiet place and we both had wrote our questions and answers on a piece of paper so we were prepared and ready to start recording! I hope you all enjoyed our broadcast as much as we enjoyed making it!

Meagan’s First Post on Edublogs!

I like sixth grade because you have a lot more freedom! For example, we walk in the halls by ourselves with no teachers. We have more responsibility to get to our classes by time. And like every time you move up a grade it is harder. All the teachers are very nice and understanding. I like that we have time to out after lunch! I also like that we have multiple different teachers and not just one. I love Prince of Peace