Meagan’s First Post on Edublogs!

I like sixth grade because you have a lot more freedom! For example, we walk in the halls by ourselves with no teachers. We have more responsibility to get to our classes by time. And like every time you move up a grade it is harder. All the teachers are very nice and understanding. I like that we have time to out after lunch! I also like that we have multiple different teachers and not just one. I love Prince of Peace

3 thoughts on “Meagan’s First Post on Edublogs!

  1. Meagan,
    You’ve named great points of Sixth Grade and I agree on all of them! I’m glad you get a break to go outside after lunch, too. Fresh air, fresh brain for the afternoon. : )

    Keep up the great work. You’re off to a great start!

    Mrs. P

  2. Hello its Matthew, I agree 6th grade is really free. I also think the teachers are grate to. I also like the choice of being able to do honors.

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